The Advancement of Flexible Space (IdentityFlex™)

Truly a step above your run of the mill contiguous space at the local provider, IdentityFlex™ bridges flexibility with sophistication allowing for the branding and feel of traditional office space. There is no standard-cut way for these solutions because they are all crafted around each individual client requirement.

  • Boost your brand with your own identity, contiguous space, custom configuration and signage
  • Looks and feels like lease space, offering the same amenities of a serviced office
  • Structured in multiple ways based upon your exact requirement, workplace and financial objectives
  • No CAPEX required
  • Any size (20 to 500 plus people)
  • Anywhere in the world (even in challenging locations)
  • Flexible terms from 1 to 5 years
  • IdentityFlex™ solutions are available not only through our serviced office provider community, but also on a larger market scale, through our global network of independents, landlords, property managers and developers
  • Can be bundled to include special amenities, administration and personalized services

Long-term contracts are a thing of the past!  Locking your business into leases that may not align with your long or short term real estate goals can lead to surplus of space, considerable upfront costs, and an inability to contract or expand your headcounts.


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With IdentityFlex™ the possibilities are turnkey and somewhat endless! Your business can choose to upsize or downsize as needed, avoid costly upfront CAPEX TI costs, retain your own identity and privacy and create customized space with furnishings that best suit your company image.

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